Our focus is the organization and planning of national and international medical conferences, congresses, symposia and meetings. We offer full service from one hand. The conference venue is mostly situated in Germany also, however, in other European countries.


Professionalism and Personal Service - Achieving the Goals and Setting Signs
These mottos are not only our vision - they are daily business


Founded in 1987, we have a wide-range experience. Knowing the exact specifications of the business our qualified staff is able to offer an optimal scheduling and realization of a project.


Personal Service
Highly motivated and committed to our work we love to offer our services to the clients.


Achieving the Goals
Our agency is able to deal quickly and efficiently with all tasks and problems directly and thus can fit together the sum of many single parts into a successful and harmonious conference.


Setting Signs
Our love for details together with the personality of our clients creates the basis for being able to set signs in the conference business.